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Joint C4ISR

25 - 26 June, 2013

Rome, Italy

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Friedrich Teichmann
Head, ICT Innovation Division, C4I Agency
Austrian Armed Forces
John Wilcox SES
Chief Information Officer and Director, Communication Systems
U.S. Special Operations Command
Colonel Pompeo Piedimonte
Command and Control Division, TELEDIFE
Italian MoD
Brigadier General Alan Hill
Head Information Superiority
British Army
Lieutenant Colonel Arle Brustad
Chairman, MAJIIC 2 National Project Officers
Norwegian Armed Forces Cyber Command
Major General Lee Price Lee Price
Program Executive Officer, PEO C3T
U.S. Army
Lieutenant Colonel Gino Bartoli
Chief, Intelligence and Situational Awareness Branch
Italian Air Force
Brigadier General John Baker
Director, J6
Sean Midwood
Principle Scientist, Office of the Chief Technology Officer
NATO C3 Agency
Major General Georges D’hollander (r)
General Manager
NATO C3 Agency
Air Commodore Garfield Porter
Former Assistant Director Transformation
Joint Air Power Competence Centre (JAPCC)
Brigadier General Harri Ohra-Aho
Assistant Chief of Staff C4
Defence Command Finland
Group Captain Chris Featherstone
Branch Head, Current & Future Ops Branch
Colonel Patrick Grelier
NNEC Branch Head
Jeff Moulton
Director, Development Programmes and Information Operations
Georgia Tech Research Institute
Colonel Vincenzo Falzarano
Chief, C2 & ISTAR Branch & MAJIIC Management Team Representative
Italian Defence General Staff
Brigadier General Enrico Bologna
Director, Defence Information Infrastructure Programmes, C4I and Transformation Division
Defence Procurement Agency
Lieutenant Colonel Gino Bartoli
Chief, ISR Branch
Italian Air Force